Wet Glue Labels

We are a leading wet-glue label supplier to the brewing, water, soft drinks and food industries. As label printers, we’ve developed successful partnerships with some of the world’s best-known brands, establishing a global reputation for excellence.

We produce labels that support and strengthen brand investment. Be that paper or metallised labels for the brewing industry, or food and water labels - these can all be punched, square cut, or cut and stacked…You name it and we’ll build on your name.

It’s our combination of service, skill, and cutting-edge technology that actively increases awareness of your brand.

At Darley we provide complete label solutions using our vast experience to identify what works best for you.

More About Wet Glue

Believe it or not, Wet Glue Labels are our passion!

At Darley we print our Wet Glue Labels offset Litho, it’s print quality clearly surpassing that of the flexographic printing used in Pressure Sensitive Labels.

These superior quality Litho inks are a vastly safer and greener alternative to the UV flexo inks used in pressure sensitive labels.

Our Wet Glue Labels use a unique paper substrate and sophisticated equipment. This effective use of materials and process means that large runs are 3x cheaper then with Pressure Sensitive Labels.

Touch, feel & innovate

We are inherently tactile creatures! An uncoated craft paper label will make that beer taste more artisan, and running your fingers over the embossed logo of your favourite drink always reminds you of the years of experience that have gone into this one bottle. Want something a little different? At Darley we are always experimenting with new innovative and dramatic printing methods. So pick up the phone and let’s discuss holographic inks or offer innovative techniques to enhance your label.

From a truly sustainable source

Our Wet Glue Labels' unique paper substrate prove to be significantly more environmentally friendly then other label methods, which use films and PET liners.

With no backing liners or cardboard reel cores to dispose of, that means a considerable saving in your waste disposable cost.

As well as with the reduced materials used in Wet Glue, you can transport more labels in each lorry. This impacts directly on transport costs and in reducing your carbon footprint.

The Wet Glue is applied during the labelling process.So there are no backing liners or cardboard reel cores to dispose of. That means a considerable saving in your waste disposal cost.

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